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Our Story

     Our team is proud to announce the arrival of Thunder Bay’s most unique and satisfying destination. If your pursuit is one of outer beauty and inner tranquility, Serenity Salon & Wellness will provide you with both an environment and experience that has never before been locally offered.

     Makeup application by internationally trained specialists, will create the look you desire while meeting your specific skin care needs. Manicures and pedicures will certainly play a part in the pampering you receive during your rejuvenating retreat with us. From facials to relaxation and hot stone massages, we will surely erase your concerns of the day. Why not allow us to fully indulge you with our many combined packages.

     Your satisfaction is our paramount concern, in not only the attention your hair gets of course, but your overall enjoyment while you experience the feeling of truly letting yourself unwind at Serenity Salon & Wellness.  That is why each member of our staff was selected, not just on their specific skill sets, but because they demonstrate a proficiency in delivering the combined results that will relax your body, clear your mind, and beautify your appearance.

     Serenity Salon & Wellness has also partnered with local health and wellness providers who will offer their fabulous services outside the salon’s normal working hours. Services include Botox and Fillers, which you can schedule a consultation for by contacting the salon. Check out our Wellness Page, or call our receptionists for more information on how to arrange for the following confidential services: Adult Group Counselling, Women's Leadership, Reiki, Body Talk, Meditation and more!

     From our awesome customer service team to our aesthetic specialists, professional hair stylists, and wellness providers, Serenity Salon & Wellness will care for you from the second you walk through our doors to the time you exit them.

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