For your convenience, and in our continued support of offering overall wellness to our clients, Serenity Salon & Wellness is delighted to announce that it has made its location at 1072 Oliver Rd, available to local health and wellness providers to conduct their sought after services within our centrally located premises, outside our normal working hours.  All the confidential services listed below are arranged between you and the service provider, along with a time and location that best serves your interests and your needs.


Sarah A. Spencer

We are a network of licensed and professional clinical counselors, therapists, and psychologists who strive to make mental health care safe, affordable, and accessible. We hold compassionate values in therapy that cares for the whole person.  Our goal is to lead you to a new life of discovery, growth, and freedom through skilled, dependable therapy grounded in clear values. 

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with a master's degree in Counselling Psychology.  In addition to my academic qualifications, I possess over 7 years combined experience in career and personal counselling including 3.5 years of post-graduate experience providing mental health services.

As a professional and licensed counsellor, I will work with you to resolve underlying issues, create reachable goals, and put in place a practical plan to achieve them.  This streamlined approach to therapy results in real, positive growth and change for yourself and your loved ones. 

I specialize in every form of counselling, including relationships, anxiety, trauma / PTSD, depression, families, career change, addictions, children, eating disorders, couples, and marriages. If you are seeking help for your family, a loved one, your marriage, or an issue in your own life, please contact me and begin your path to healing today.

Call Sarah today at (807) 632-9626 to book an appointment, or click on the logo above for more information.


Jeanette Oja

The BodyTalk System, created by Dr. John Veltheim, is a non-invasive, effective mechanism where the BodyTalk Practitioner follows an extensive protocol and uses neuromuscular feedback in order to locate imbalances within the body that are a priority, are not communicating correctly, or are out of balance with the rest of the body. The BodyTalk Practitioner then uses specific techniques that help the body return itself to balance. The BodyTalk System allows the body’s own healing abilities to effect change and clients see long-lasting, ongoing improvements in health and well-being.

Jeanette Oja is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and her training includes all the basic and advanced modules of BodyTalk.  Jeanette is also recognized as a BodyTalk Access Technician who has been involved in alternative healing therapies for over 35 years.

Her background includes BodyTalk (basic and all advanced levels), Reiki Master/Teacher, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, CranioSacral Therapy, the Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and other alternative therapies. Jeanette is a member of the International BodyTalk Association and Parama College.

See the BodyTalk website at for more information.

Body Talk recognizes the body has an internal wisdom present from before birth. This wisdom knows how to replace every cell in your body, make repairs and heal with a precision and speed beyond any technology available today.

Call Jeanette today at (807) 627-6696 to book an appointment, or click on the logo above for more information.



Most of us only know ourselves as a bundle of thoughts, beliefs, opinions and judgments. These are the source of all of our stress, limitations, problems and suffering. Just beyond the chaos of the mind lies an experience of peace, joy, love and freedom. To live from this space requires no effort, no beliefs, no struggle; just a willingness to let go of the attachment to thought. Ascension is a tool to help you access these wonderful states as a direct, living experience. This Teaching offers a very rare opportunity to experience what it means to be truly alive.

I have been Ascending since 2008 and have been a Teacher of Ascension in Canada and Costa Rica since 2013. I have a very busy physiotherapy practice which sees me travelling extensively and serving many patients with complex issues including cancer.

This practice has given me the peace and presence to serve my patients with wisdom and unconditional love. And with so much more energy, which is amazing since I suffer from Fibromyalgia. Personally, developing a relationship with that silent infinite presence versus the chatter in my head has been joyfully transformative.

See The Bright Path website at  for more information.

The Bright Path Ishayas' Ascension is for anyone seeking inner peace, happiness, freedom from stress, and a living experience of love, presence and oneness. 'Ishaya' is a Sanskrit word that means 'For Higher Consciousness'. The Ishayas are devoted to experiencing, and helping others experience, higher states of human consciousness.

Call Dayalan today at (807) 933-4558 or email

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