• Brandon Baldassi

Back to Basics

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Add priming the mind and body to your morning routine by addressing a few basic necessities.

Often taken for granted, regular sun exposure is essential for our health - light is a building block of life and critical for a healthy circadian rhythm. Synchronize your body’s internal clock with the sun by getting as much light as possible upon waking. Sunlight is the trigger to a cascade of hormonal and metabolic activity, and the signal that lets your body know it’s time to wake up. This regular morning wake up signal is dually important as it is critical for cueing sleep time for the body in the evening. Try it out! Tomorrow morning, don’t shy away from the light - embrace it! Getting into the sunlight early and often during the day will contribute to improvements in mood and energy, as well as promoting restful sleep in the evening.

How often do you go 8-hours without a sip of water, and if you had to, would a cup of coffee be the first thing you reached for to rehydrate? Giving yourself a head-start on hydration is as simple as a tall glass of water and a few pinches of sea salt upon waking (before coffee!). While we sleep, our body’s metabolic processes don’t stop, and although most people are aware that hydration is significant for our health, many of us remain chronically dehydrated, especially in the morning. Ensuring you are properly hydrated results in tangible benefits, which include improved cognition and alertness, reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, and more restful sleep. Morning hydration is as simple as about 350mL of water and 2-3g of sea salt to ensure you are equipped with electrolytes and trace minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, and iron. This mineral cocktail is equally as beneficial if taken before sleep in anticipation of a hangover.

A final component in aiding the transition from a night’s sleep to a wakeful day is movement and deep breathing first thing in the morning. This doesn’t have to be a workout, but rather some activity and movement to elevate your heart rate and prime your body for the day ahead. This could be as simple as a yoga or stretch progression, air squats and jumping jacks, or playing with your dog - what’s important is incorporating some movement in the morning to set the tone for the day.

In short, drink some water, get some sun, and get active in the morning. Bonus if you get outdoors and do it all at once!

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