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Staple Supplements

Making sense of what’s needed

Supplements should be just that - supplemental or additive to an already well-sorted diet and lifestyle. However, this is not to say that the modern human receives all that is necessary for optimal health and wellness from their diet and environment. In fact, one of the most common deficiencies is associated with impaired cognition and immune function, depression, inflammation, and accelerated aging. Furthermore, unless you are already supplementing with it, it’s more than likely that you are deficient.

Vitamin D is more accurately described as a hormone which we evolved to produce through our skin’s exposure to the sun. However, the modern lifestyle and northern climate mean that we are likely receiving less exposure to sunlight than is necessary for optimal health and wellness. Supplementing with 4000IU of vitamin D per day will help to ensure healthy brain function, lower systemic inflammation, and defend against age-related disease. What can be done to ensure that you are receiving sufficient quantities year round? What is measured can be managed, so a quarterly consult with your doctor to have blood levels assessed will allow for an informed decision concerning supplementation. In the mean time, check out @serenitysalonwellness Instagram for our favourite vitamin D supplements, and when to take them!

Regular exposure to sunlight is critical for our health. When life keeps you indoors, vitamin D is almost like sunlight in a bottle!

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