• Brandon Baldassi

Intentional Eating

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

A practical strategy for approaching food with impact and enjoyment in mind

Although life may steer us toward less than desirable choices at times, most people are aware of what constitutes good quality food. In addition to dialling in nutrition for your health, there exists a deceptively simple tactic that is proven to improve body composition, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and defend against disease - all without changing the food you are already eating.

Meal grouping or time restricted eating is an approach which has garnered increasing attention, and for good reason. More generally described as simply eating your meals within an 8 hour window each day, this meal timing is associated with countless physical and psychological benefits. Try it out! Improving your health and performance is as simple as skipping breakfast (click here for ideas on what to do instead) and opting for a nutritious lunchtime meal as the first of the day. If this meal occurs around noon, then plan to finish eating before about 8pm that night, with the intention to start eating around midday on the following day. That’s it! Time restricted eating is a tactic that can be used to optimize immunity, energy, and digestion on a daily basis, or even as-needed to recharge after holiday festivities.

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