• Brandon Baldassi

Conquering Sleep

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Preparing ourselves and our environment for restful sleep

There is no question that quality sleep is a necessary investment in our health - both current and future. Working toward quality sleep starts in the morning, and by incorporating sun and movement early and often during the daytime, you will help to regulate your circadian rhythm (your body's internal clock!) and cue proper sleep time in the evenings. Of equal importance is the transition as daylight fades into evening. Exposure to bright light in the evening tricks the body into believing it is still daytime, inhibits the transition to a restful deep sleep, and shortens total sleep time.

Given that the effects of even slight sleep deprivation or disruption can be observed for days following, it is important to mirror the reduction in daylight with your indoor lighting, especially in the last hours before sleep. Small lamps or candles offering

‘warmer’ light are excellent alternatives to brighter overhead lighting. In addition, if you find yourself working in front of a screen later into the evening, consider enabling night-time mode (where applicable) or utilizing a blue light filter such as f.lux.

Consider supplementing your evening routine with some calming herbal tea and light reading to ease the mind.

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