• Brandon Baldassi

A Case for the Cold

Step out of your comfort zone every day and take back the cold with cold showers!

Exposure to cold is one of the most overlooked means of cultivating willpower, discipline, and resilience. Not only is it uncomfortable, but this strategic application of acute stress serves an important role in regulating metabolism and inflammation, along with offering countless other health benefits which include improved longevity and body composition, increased endurance and even the growth of new neurons in the brain! Cold showers also have a profound effect in improving mood, memory, focus, and even depression.

Try it out! End your regular warm shower with at least 2 minutes of full cold water on your entire body. Yes, full cold. Yes, at least 2 minutes. Yes, you can do it!

Tactics to help you get started with the greatest positive benefits :

  • Control your breath - you may instinctually gasp for air or hold your breath in response to the sudden cold. By focusing on consistent and steady deep breathing, you may be surprised how quickly you acclimate to this new stimulus.

  • Count the seconds - keeping count of time spent in the cold not only promotes accountability, but also provides an alternative focus for the mind.

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